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Software and numerical tools

Post/ discussions regarding software and numerical tools distributed during this workshop.

MicMac Ver5.3

Clive_Hands's picture

Can you please elaborate on the changes in Ver 5.3 as opposed to Ver 5.2....

Many thanks for a great course...

MicMac - Compatibility Issue

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There is currently an issue with the macros in the MicMac v5.2 spreadsheet when running in Excel 2013 from the Office 365 suite.

I have a copy of Excel 2007 and it works just fine.

Liquild Moulding Manufacturing Modeling

Mert_Akin's picture

Dear all,

I've been researching on software for modeling of liquid moulding methods. But I've only come up with polyworx and LIMS programs.

Does anyone know different than these softwares?

Trouble in running LAMRANK tool

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I extracted all files into a folder and I tried running the LAMRANK exe file from the EXEC folder and I get an error message "The parameter is incorrect".

New MicMac-Hole file available

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New MicMac-Hole_v222 available for download. Please check "Download Utility - Workshop VII".

Stiffness of the Laminate

Venkata_Menta's picture

Hi all,

Does any one know how to obtain [A], [B] and [D] matrices in ABAQUS?


MicMac-FEA for Abaqus 6.11 available

Daniel_Melo's picture

MicMac-FEA for Abaqus 6.11 is available for download at the download utility.

HyBlade and MicMac Beam are fantastic

Naresh_Sharma's picture

Thank you all, Prof Tsai, Prof Ha, and your team, for all the micmac's and especially these two products. After the ipost was loaded, I tried to play around with these tools and wow, they're superb. They will really make our work in the conceptual phase a cake walk.

As a pay-back, I'll try to add a generic airfoil capability in the tool and post it here when its ready. If anyone is interested in contributing, please feel free to chime in here or email me directly.

I'd suggest the following:
The plan is to first allow a generic airfoil to be defined. Then extract 2D lift/drag figures from XFoil add a lifting line theory to generate spanwise lift distribution. This will be fairly accurate in load generation. From this a model that could be scaled can be easily added to HyBlade like a template.

Has there been any update on MicMacFEA (to work with V6.11) and MicMacBeam (for the Java post-processor)?

Naresh_Sharma's picture

Hello, has there been any update on MicMacFEA (to work with V6.11) and MicMacBeam (for the Java post-processor)?

Thank you.

LAMRANK issues

Doug.Hall's picture

I downloaded the file, saving it in a folder on my desktop. I extracted everything into a directory in that folder.

Best software choice for analyzing round carbon bicycle frame tubing

John_Eggers's picture

As a new designer I just want to double check the following:

Is MicMac Lt appropriate for the analysis of round carbon bicycle tubing? Or should I use FEA?

Eglass-Ep props in SMM

Kenneth_Kirkland's picture

The only material in the SMM database (my copy) is TR30S/ep...carbon. There is a lot of cells to fill out and many values which I don't know where to find. Anybody have the Eglass/ep values for SMM?

Capable/Affordable/Useable FEA Software

Richard_Huff's picture

I was hoping to get feedback from the community...

Mic-Mac Hole Max Stress

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I was running through the HW 3 and it appears that the max stress failure criteria is not updating when I run the parametric study but all others are...anyone else running into this problem?

MIM MAC 4.3 - not displaying charts properly.

Raja_Hasan's picture

We are having excel 2007 as an official version, immdeately we cannot chnage to office 2010; while running MIC MAC 4.3 in compatabilty mode, shows error message; also while running quick charts -are n

Microsoft Office 2010 no availabel with us - cannto open some of the file

Raja_Hasan's picture

Some of the softwares are not working after dounload; may be due to errors in downloads or our system doesnt have updated versions of microsoft product.How to go head in thsi

MicMac-Hole for Office 2003

Daniel_Melo's picture

We have uploaded MicMac-Hole for Office 2003. The file name is MicMac-Hole_2003_v205.xls

Problem downloading MicMac-Hole

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If your computer downloads MicMac-Hole as a zip file, please rename the zip file and add the extension .xlsm. You will need Excel 2007 with macros enabled to open the file.

New versions of MMFatigue and SMM+

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We have uploaded new versions of MMFatigue_v1.0 and SMM+v150_P_CDT7. These versions will fix the installation problems.

Thermal conductivity optimisation

Miguel's picture

Any of the available software is able of performming hybrid mechanical-thermal (conductivity) optimisation?

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