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Posts regarding materials covered in Tutorial sessions

Posts/ questions/ comments regarding materials covered in Tutorial sessions.

Permeabiliity Algorithms/Sortware

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Hi Steve,
Last week durng Woo Il's presentation you mentioned that you would talk to Prof. Springer about making Woo Il's software available to the class. Is that possible?

Thanks Steve,

Fiber/matrix interfacial shear strength testing--Antonio's comment

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Yesterday Antonio mentioned I think three ways to test the fiber/matrix interfacial shear strength. Antonio can you post these and some references please?


Reference on biaxial tests (experimental and simulation)

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Effects of an Open Hole on the Biaxial Strengths of Composite Laminates.
Yuanchen Huang, Sung K. Ha, Jun Koyanagi, Jose Daniel D. Melo, Hisashi Kumazawa and Ippei Susuki.

Prob 2.5: 3D Stiffness matrix of typical composites

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How do I fill out this table? (Prob 2.5)

Homework for 07/29

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Was there any homework assigned for the Jeffrey Fong lectures, Error Estimation and Engineering Reliability? I haven't seen it anywhere, but maybe I am just missing it.

Full-Field Optical Measurement Systems

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A compressed (Zipped) folder is available for downloading the files related to the presentation on Full-Field Optical Measurement Systems.

Effects of fiber arrangement on properties of UD composites

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For those interested in the effects of fiber arrangement on properties of UD composites, we recommend reading the following papers:

Presentations from Prof. Antonio Miravete

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We have uploaded records from previous presentations by Prof. Antonio Miravete with better sound quality.

3-D Textile Reinforcement - References

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These are the references for 3-D Textile Reinforcement suggested by Prof. Antonio Miravete.

Presentation available.

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Dear All,

The file with the recording of Kim Parnell's presentation previously available was not complete and we have uploaded a new one. It is available in the Oct 02 folder.



upload the slides of SUPER MIC-MAC Plus

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kindly upload the slides of SUPER MIC-MAC Plus;Sample Case Manual presentation given on 3oth Sep,2009 and also please upload the already proveded excel files in MS Excel 97-2003 format.

Presentation recordings

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Dear all,

Recordings are available in the September 22 folder for all of the presentations that were given on that day. Although "Processing and Manufacturing" was originally slated for September 22, we rescheduled it for September 23. The recorded presentation will be available in the September 23 folder shortly after today's session.

Thank you

Please Upload the recorded version of presentation(Processing and Manufacturing) given by Antonio Miravete

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Please Upload the recorded version of presentation(Processing and Manufacturing) given by Antonio Miravete on 22nd Sep,2009 as it is not available in 22nd Sep,2009 folder.

QI material Percentage

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Did QI material configuration means that for any paticular laminate, each ply angle should share equal weightage of no. of plies in the entire laminate?

Carpet Plots No. Laminates

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I think total number of possible laminates are 66 but it is not equal to 11! which is written in the slide notes (21st september lecture)

FEA Software choice

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Please note that you have to make your choice of software from "FEA Software Choice" section located in the forum.

ATM - lecture of Prof. Miyano

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Few questions regarding Prof. Miyano's lecture on ATM:

Discrete Cohesive zone Models

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I would like to add a comment on the interesting lecture of Dr. Kim Parnell from yesterday:

Properties for fabric

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For those interested in some typical properties of fabric (cloth), please refer to the tables in Appendix AC. The last two columns represent cloth properties......

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