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Mic-Mac/ Mic-Mac FEA tools (ABAQUS version)

Posts/ discussions regarding Mic-Mac/ Mic-Mac FEA tools (ABAQUS version).

Homework solutions for MicMac-FEA is available for download

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Dear workshop participants,

Homework solutions for MicMac-FEA posted for downloading in the forum
ftp site.



New versions of MicMac-FEA ready for downloading

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Hello all,

We uploaded newer versions of MicMac-FEA that should work both for Office 32 and 64 bit as well as for Abaqus 6.14 SE or Abaqus 2016 SE. Please give a try.

How to get ABAQUS SE (Student Edition)

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Abaqus 2016 Student Edition can be downloaded from the Simulia Learning Community ( The easiest way to get to the download is to select the “Academics” tab.

MicMac v5.3 trace.xls

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Dear all,
We uploaded again the MicMac v5.3 trace.xls. Please download it and let me know if it is working. Carlos


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Has anyone else had issues with the LAMRANK feature of MIC-MAC/FEA? I could get all of the other features to work but not LAMRANK and was wondering if I was the only one.

Will MicMac FEA for Abaqus 6.11 be posted soon?

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I still can't get MicMac FEA to run properly. Even after chaning the visual basic code to the right batch file, it still won't run Abaqus. Will the updated version of MicMac FEA be posted soon?

Is anyone else having problems getting MicMacFEA to work???

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I've installed Abaqus but can't get the MicMacFEA tool to work. I keep getting an error and asking to debug, "Path not found". Does anyone else know how to fix this?

Problems with 3Dbeam II 500

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I have downloaded the new version of 3D beam and the excel file is not running properly.
I get several error messages.

3DBeam Excel version


Hello all.

I haven't Microsoft Excel 2007, so when I try to run 3DBeam, it doesn't work correctly.

Could you post in an early version of Microsoft office?

thank you


Mic-Mac FEA Abaqus SE problem. - File not found -

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Hi all,

After installing Mic Mac FEA (abaqus student edition) + abaqus SE I can not run the FEA analysis.

I get error 53, file not found.

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