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Excerpts of Q/A sessions from the tutorials

Excerpts of question and answer sessions from Composites Design Tutorial.

Answers provided by Antonio Miravete on Materials and Manufacturing

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- Are we more restricted in the choice of angle with the dry ply, from a manufacturing point of view and cost? For instance with dry ply can we easily ask for a [22/30/45] laminate?

Answers provided by Steve Nolet on wind turbine blade design

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Questions and answers:

1) How do you bond the two halves together including the material and curing?

Answer to Aug 2 question about higher performance glass applications.

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Question from today was "Are there any examples of these high performance glass materials?"

Electrical conductivity of carbon fibers

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In response to the question raised in the presentation about Materials and Processing, Prof. Miravete informed that the electrical conductivity of carbon fibers ranges from 500 - 20,000 (ohm-cm)-1.

References provided by Antonio Miravete

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These are the most relevant references for the presentation on fibers, matrices and manufacturing:

• S. W. Tsai, Strength & Life of Composites, Stanford University, 2009

Questions forwarded to Steve Nolet regarding wind turbine blades and the answers provided.

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1. Is a special process used to remove the reusable vacuum bags from the cured part to ensure the bags are not damaged, or are they sufficiently robust to allow them to be removed by hand?

Answer from Prof. Tay anb Dr. Ridha Muhammad to question during workshop lecture

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Question from Armando Mete: “Could you please provide Elastic/Strength properties for AS4/3601-6, IM6/3501-6 used for the Abaqus Umat-MMF Examples?

Prof. Chou’s answers to questions on Nanocomposites lecture.

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Question #1: From Fulya Aktas: "Do you do any surface treatment to bind CNTs to resin?"
Answer: "In our research work we have used MWCNTs and have not applied any surface treatment."

Fracture Toughened Materials

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During lecture 5 (April 28, 2009) - Test Methods, by Dr. Ran Kim, a participant asked for further examples of fracture toughened materials.. Dr. Kim sent the following response:

Fracture data for composites

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During lecture 5 (April 28, 2009) - Test Methods, by Dr. Ran Kim, a participant asked for fracture data for common composites. Dr. Kim sent the following response:

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