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Welcome to "Composites Design Workshop" forum!

Some features in this forum are only accessible to the participants of Composites Design Workshop.
If you are a participant of the workshop, please apply for an account here. Once we authorize your account, you can access all the features available to the workshop participants.For further information about the workshop click here .

Please do not forget to log out and close the window once you exit this forum.

Software Demo Sessions

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While a line is required to logon to Tuesday’s lectures, all participants are welcome to logon to our Software Demo Sessions on Mondays.

Tutorial-4 is starting tomorrow

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Dear all,
The tutorial is commencing tomorrow (March 31, 2009). Please make sure that you have applied for a forum account so that you can avail all the features available in this forum.

Forum Members

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Is there a location in the Forums that lists the Members? It might help to foster communication between the participants.

MicMac_v0.4 available

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A new MicMac is available for download. The updates are:
- Titanium properties added (in SI system only)
- In MicMac Shaft, the stress values for FPF is now non-zero (bug fixed).

Errors running MicMac FEA

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I keep getting a Run Time Error 53, file not found, when I try to run MicMac FEA. I am running the expanded file, 3.038 KB in size. I am running Windows Vista. Abaqus SE 6.8 installed fine.

Errata:in MicMac Example

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There is an errata (typo) on page C-28 of book "Strength and Life of Composites", Example 13 on MicMac Shaft. The torque should be 0.05 MNm rather than 0.01MNm.

Issues working with SMM+ (SuperMicMac+): Remedies

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Some of us were having problem installing/running SuperMicMac+ (SMM+). In order for SMM+ to work with Excel 2007, some simple settings need to be updated in Excel.

Experimental data for Cm/Tm

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Dear all,

We compiled some data presented by Altenbach & Tushtev [1], which
collected data from Ol’khovik [2,3] and Ol’khovik, Figovsky & Feigin [4].

Assignments for Prof. Tay's session #9

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Dear participants,

Please download the three papers that Prof. Tay
kindly sent to us as assignments for his session #9.



Congratulations to the book winner

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We would like to again congratulate the winner of the contest of assignment 5, Michael Wiener. The book will be mailed soon.

A Complete version of recording from session-7 is now available for download

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A complete version of recording from session-7 (wrf) is now available for download along with the existing slides (pdf).

MICMAC-FEA and MICMACv0.4 ready for download

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MICMAC-FEA (release version 0.1) is ready for download in the "download utility" section.

Ultimate strain to failure for [0] and [90]

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Under tensile stress why do you see matrix cracking in the
90 plies of a 0/90 laminate before failure of the 0 ply such

Updated version of MicMacv0.3.xls is ready for download.

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An updated version of MicMacv0.3 is ready for download in the download section. Please replace your existing MicMacv0.3 with this updated one.


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Solve Assignment number 5, question#3 and win a copy of Ming Tsai’s cookbook , Simply Ming !(see assignment pdf for details)

Typo in Equation 3.7 of Prof. Tsai's book Theory of Composites Design

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We were warned by Dmitry that there is a typo on Equation 3.7 (Section
3, page 3.8, item 3.4) for the multiple angle transformation. It says:

m^4 = (3 + COS2T + COS4T)/8,

Tutorial feedback

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Dear tutorial participants,

As we approach to the halfway of our tutorial, we would
like to have some feedback from you concerning the
material presented, the system, the support, etc. The

Question regarding answers to Assignment #4

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I was reviewing the homework assignment for session #4, and I was confused on how the values for Qxx, Qyy, Qxy and Qss were obtained. How is it known to select the T300/N5208 values?

MicMac tutorial - Extra Sessions Monday (May 5) 8AM and 8PM California time

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Just to remind you guys, we will have Extra Sessions Monday,
May 5, 8AM and 8PM California time, to present an introductory
tutorial to MicMac. Prof. Tsai and Pranav will give a more detailed

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