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Additional demonstration problems using MD-Nastran

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We want to get some additional demonstration problems available to the MD-Nastran users. Current plan is to complete the Open Hole case to include buckling and modal analysis.



Hi all.

I have problems for viewing the spanish traduction for Antonio Miravete Lesson 8.

After two or three minutes, the video is always buffering...

Additional comments on discrete Cohesive Elements

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Posted in

This post is in response to Yuval Freed of May 13, 2009 (see below).

ATM - lecture of Prof. Miyano

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Few questions regarding Prof. Miyano's lecture on ATM:

MD-Nastran - clarification on Installation and Setup for use with MicMac/FEA

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Related to the message that Dr.Freed posted earlier regarding running the analysis and viewing results in Excel using MicMac/FEA for MD-Nastran: I am going to provide some clarifications on the insta

Mic-Mac FEA Abaqus SE problem. - File not found -

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Hi all,

After installing Mic Mac FEA (abaqus student edition) + abaqus SE I can not run the FEA analysis.

I get error 53, file not found.

Problems with MicMac-FEA (MD Nastran edition)

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I installed MicMac-FEA (MD Nastran edition) and I am having some difficulties. I would be grateful if anyone can (maybe Dr. Kim Parnell of MSC NASTRAN) could assist me.

I am using:

Discrete Cohesive zone Models

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I would like to add a comment on the interesting lecture of Dr. Kim Parnell from yesterday:

Webex working yet?

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I am having trouble logging on to webex today (Tues. morn session). Is webex still having the same problems as they did yesterday morning?

Problem with WebEx on Monday morning session (May 4)

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Apparently, there was a problem with the WebEx system during this morning's Monday session (May 4, 2009). Please be assured that the problem was not from your side (connection) and our side.

Capabilities of MD-Nastran Edition for Stanford

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I just realized that I should have created a New Post last week rather than a Reply. Here is the reply to the question by Dr.Yuval Freed:

Fracture Toughened Materials

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During lecture 5 (April 28, 2009) - Test Methods, by Dr. Ran Kim, a participant asked for further examples of fracture toughened materials.. Dr. Kim sent the following response:

Fracture data for composites

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During lecture 5 (April 28, 2009) - Test Methods, by Dr. Ran Kim, a participant asked for fracture data for common composites. Dr. Kim sent the following response:

A question on MD Nastran Stanford Edition

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I have created a thread for a question raised by Yuval as follows:


Is the MD Nastran Stanford edition can be considered as a standard edition of MD Nastran?

Choosing MD Nastran or Abaqus

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Is there a general suggestion w.r.t. the tutorial to either choose Nastran or Abaqus?
I noticed that within the book Abaqus is used.


Call In Number

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We have had audio problems with the VOIP the last couple of weeks, and I was wondering if there is a phone number for us to call for a teleconference so that we can get the audio a different way.

Properties for fabric

Pranav D. Shah's picture

For those interested in some typical properties of fabric (cloth), please refer to the tables in Appendix AC. The last two columns represent cloth properties......

Please Note: Access to the Tuesday's sessions

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Dear all,
We have been receiving emails from the participants asking for the password to the regular Tuesday's sessions.

Starting Mic-Mac

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When you open Mic-Mac, in case it asks for connecting with other files during startup, please deny it and it should work. If you allow it will keep searching for chart.xlm.

Mic-Mac available for download

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Mic-Mac (version 4.0) is available for download. Future releases with update(s) will be issued as versions 4.x.

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