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Thermal conductivity optimisation

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Any of the available software is able of performming hybrid mechanical-thermal (conductivity) optimisation?


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Hi all ,
Have downloaded both GenLam and Lamrank.
Cannot run the exe files. error message: "the parameter is incorrect". what should I do to run them? Any ideas.

Answer from Prof. Tay anb Dr. Ridha Muhammad to question during workshop lecture

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Question from Armando Mete: “Could you please provide Elastic/Strength properties for AS4/3601-6, IM6/3501-6 used for the Abaqus Umat-MMF Examples?

Prof. Chou’s answers to questions on Nanocomposites lecture.

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Question #1: From Fulya Aktas: "Do you do any surface treatment to bind CNTs to resin?"
Answer: "In our research work we have used MWCNTs and have not applied any surface treatment."

Presentations from Prof. Antonio Miravete

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We have uploaded records from previous presentations by Prof. Antonio Miravete with better sound quality.

3-D Textile Reinforcement - References

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These are the references for 3-D Textile Reinforcement suggested by Prof. Antonio Miravete.

Problem running MicMac-Hole

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In case you have problems to run MicMac-Hole you probably need to load Excel add-ins. Please do the following:

1. Open Excel.
2. Click the Microsoft Office Button and then click Excel Options.

MSC evaluation software

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Posted in

Perhaps it is just a typo but the MSC license agreement states the evaluation license term ends Dec. 16, 2009...

Recorded Lectures

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Dear Participants,

The recorded lectures are located under the date they were given in the Workshop 2 download utility on the left hand side of this forum.

You can download the webex player required to play the .wrf files at


How do I view lectures?

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How can I view the recorded lectures available in the Download Utility?

Download issue: Dataplot, tcl830.exe

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I was able to download and install files: setup, gs850w32, and gsv48w32. I was not able to install tcl830.

Homework Submission

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Dear Participants,

We will be assigning multiple homework sets throughout the workshop. The homework sets assigned during lectures this week (Jan. 8 and 9) will be due next Monday, January 11.

The homework sets assigned during lectures next week (Jan. 11-15) will be due the following Monday, January 18.

You may submit typed solutions or scans of handwritten work, whichever you prefer.

Please compile your work for each homework set into a single file (e.g. YourNameHomework1.doc) and send your solution to:


Interview with Prof.Steve Tsai re: Composites Design Workshop

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An interesting interview with Prof.Steve Tsai has recently been posted on the MSC Software Blog at:

Executable versions of GenLam and Lamrank

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Executable versions of GenLam and Lamrank are now available in the download utility.

Presentation available.

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Dear All,

The file with the recording of Kim Parnell's presentation previously available was not complete and we have uploaded a new one. It is available in the Oct 02 folder.




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There are two versions of 3D-Beam available for download. Version 4.04 works with Excel 2003 and version 5.10 works only in Excel 2007.

upload the slides of SUPER MIC-MAC Plus

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kindly upload the slides of SUPER MIC-MAC Plus;Sample Case Manual presentation given on 3oth Sep,2009 and also please upload the already proveded excel files in MS Excel 97-2003 format.

MicMac FEA/MD-Nastran error

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Question from Altan Kayran:

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