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Cooking composites as fast as possible: catalytic heaters

Naresh_Sharma's picture

Dear all,

A few years back, I'd done some work regarding faster means of curing of composites for our internal production processes, basically to think of alternative ways to create better aircraft parts without the costs and cycle time of autoclaves. There was something similar to what I was thinking that was being done elsewhere as well. So this is what we found out, catalytic conversion of methane gives energy in the 2-9micron range, which is better than a focused energy at a single frequency that electric/infrared/microwave-generator would give. This spread of energy is suited for curing of composites. This is a very basic youtube video on catalytic heaters.

However, there is a problem, that methane catalytic converters have a hard time in finely controlling the amount of heat. Due to lack of resources and the pre-programming (that we should have a certain curing cycle etc.) we had from our epoxy supplier, we dropped this idea early on, but perhaps it was too early. If one could have a part that moved in between a bank of such catalytic heaters, one could control the absorption of radiation. There are some other ideas that could control that heat. If anyone among you is interested, to independently pursue, perhaps its an idea worth investigating. Or if you've already tried it, it will be great to hear your views.


Reference on biaxial tests (experimental and simulation)

Daniel_Melo's picture

Effects of an Open Hole on the Biaxial Strengths of Composite Laminates.
Yuanchen Huang, Sung K. Ha, Jun Koyanagi, Jose Daniel D. Melo, Hisashi Kumazawa and Ippei Susuki.

Mic-Mac Version for Numbers (Apple)

John_Eggers's picture

Is there a version of Mic-Mac that had been tweaked to run correctly on Apple's spreadsheet Numbers?

Some interesting links

Naresh_Sharma's picture

Dear all, For those who may be interested. Do a search on a company called Rocky Mountain Composites on the patent server of google. Here is a link of the search today. This company has some of the best patents for aircraft production techniques. They benefited from a project that Toyota funded many years back when Toyota wanted to enter into the general aviation world.

A similar search for Boeing on composites is also available here. Then there is a great patent on VAP by EADS.

Happy reading and hope you get great ideas for your projects.


In the RTM problem the cross section area and the amount of resin to be injected is missing.

Naresh_Sharma's picture


The RTM problem allows one to evaluate Q/A but does not specify neither A nor the total amount of resin to be injected. Can you please specify A and the amount of resin?



Arnaud_Divialle's picture


Here are some details about SQRTM (Same Qualified RTM):

Prob 2.5: 3D Stiffness matrix of typical composites

MingYao_Ding's picture

How do I fill out this table? (Prob 2.5)

Basalt fibers

Naresh_Sharma's picture

Dear all,

I wonder if anyone among you have experience with Basalt fibers. What are the material allowables (A or B) that one can use with Basalt?


Answer to Aug 2 question about higher performance glass applications.

tom.demint's picture

Question from today was "Are there any examples of these high performance glass materials?"

Homework for 07/29

Richard_Huff's picture

Was there any homework assigned for the Jeffrey Fong lectures, Error Estimation and Engineering Reliability? I haven't seen it anywhere, but maybe I am just missing it.

Eglass-Ep props in SMM

Kenneth_Kirkland's picture

The only material in the SMM database (my copy) is TR30S/ep...carbon. There is a lot of cells to fill out and many values which I don't know where to find. Anybody have the Eglass/ep values for SMM?


Keri_Broderick's picture

Getting an error for HW#6 when pulling up SMM+ & MMFatigue:
"This workbook has one or more links which can not be updated

Electrical conductivity of carbon fibers

Daniel_Melo's picture

In response to the question raised in the presentation about Materials and Processing, Prof. Miravete informed that the electrical conductivity of carbon fibers ranges from 500 - 20,000 (ohm-cm)-1.

Is anyone else having problems getting MicMacFEA to work???

Elizabeth_Morrison's picture

I've installed Abaqus but can't get the MicMacFEA tool to work. I keep getting an error and asking to debug, "Path not found". Does anyone else know how to fix this?

Friday Lecture and final HWs

Keri_Broderick's picture

Is there any way to do what happened yesterday and post a pdf of the lecture presentation and the corresponding HW BEFORE class begins please?


Grant_Mesner's picture

I couldn't find the mp4 video files for 7/28/11 webex sessions.

Capable/Affordable/Useable FEA Software

Richard_Huff's picture

I was hoping to get feedback from the community...

Is there a 3D Beam Homework Problem?

Leslie_Milne's picture

According to the schedule there is a 3D Beam homework problem (from Monday's session with Sung K. Ha), but I don't see anything listed under the homework section.

Mic-Mac Hole Max Stress

Richard_Huff's picture

I was running through the HW 3 and it appears that the max stress failure criteria is not updating when I run the parametric study but all others are...anyone else running into this problem?

MIM MAC 4.3 - not displaying charts properly.

Raja_Hasan's picture

We are having excel 2007 as an official version, immdeately we cannot chnage to office 2010; while running MIC MAC 4.3 in compatabilty mode, shows error message; also while running quick charts -are n

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