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MicMac - Compatibility Issue

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There is currently an issue with the macros in the MicMac v5.2 spreadsheet when running in Excel 2013 from the Office 365 suite.

I have a copy of Excel 2007 and it works just fine.

You might consider updating the workbook to the .xlsx format for compatibility and distribute both versions of the file.



Excel 2013 issue

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I also experienced the same thing. my bug was that it would not let me change any of the numbers. It appears that one of the macros is stuck in a continuous loop. I was temporarily able to fix this by going to the "View" Ribbon, selecting the Macros drop down and selecting "View Macros." I then selected "Strength_flex_m.comp" and select "Run". It will give error. Select "End" this should reset the Macros and allow you to change the numbers. However you must do this every time you open the program.

Is this the same issue you were seeing?

MicMac v5.3

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I will upload the MicMac v5.3, which seems working with Excel 2013.
Please let me know if you still have problems.