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Test the post service for Composites Design Workshop XIII. Carlov

Homework solutions for MicMac-FEA is available for download

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Dear workshop participants,

Homework solutions for MicMac-FEA posted for downloading in the forum
ftp site.



New versions of MicMac-FEA ready for downloading

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Hello all,

We uploaded newer versions of MicMac-FEA that should work both for Office 32 and 64 bit as well as for Abaqus 6.14 SE or Abaqus 2016 SE. Please give a try.

How to get ABAQUS SE (Student Edition)

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Abaqus 2016 Student Edition can be downloaded from the Simulia Learning Community ( The easiest way to get to the download is to select the “Academics” tab.

MicMac v5.3 trace.xls

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Dear all,
We uploaded again the MicMac v5.3 trace.xls. Please download it and let me know if it is working. Carlos

Lamination factor for plain and twill weave fabrics

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When back calculating trace from a woven (twill or plain) fabric test sample, which lamination factor do I divide the test result with to get trace?

MicMac Ver5.3

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Can you please elaborate on the changes in Ver 5.3 as opposed to Ver 5.2....

Many thanks for a great course...

MicMac - Compatibility Issue

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There is currently an issue with the macros in the MicMac v5.2 spreadsheet when running in Excel 2013 from the Office 365 suite.

I have a copy of Excel 2007 and it works just fine.

Answers provided by John Linck on Challenges and Opportunities

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Q.: Can we add "the cutting challenge of Carbon Fiber Laminate"? For example, it is hard to use laser cutting.

MicMac Bug Report

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I have found a bug in MicMac's macro relating to the macro method to plot a chart.

YouTube Video - Trace-Based Composites Design

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Introduction to trace-based stiffness and strength of laminated composites by Prof. Steve Tsai and Prof. Daniel Melo at Stanford University.

Liquild Moulding Manufacturing Modeling

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Dear all,

I've been researching on software for modeling of liquid moulding methods. But I've only come up with polyworx and LIMS programs.

Does anyone know different than these softwares?

mic mac lite formula error in eps o {6} ?

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Is there an error in micmac lite? Cell X10 (laminate shear strain per thickness eps o {6})?

It calculates as N1*S62 + N2*S61 + N6*S66

but it should be N1*S61 + N2*S62 + N6*S66


Answers provided by Antonio Miravete on Materials and Manufacturing

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- Are we more restricted in the choice of angle with the dry ply, from a manufacturing point of view and cost? For instance with dry ply can we easily ask for a [22/30/45] laminate?

Answers provided by Steve Nolet on wind turbine blade design

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Questions and answers:

1) How do you bond the two halves together including the material and curing?


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Has anyone else had issues with the LAMRANK feature of MIC-MAC/FEA? I could get all of the other features to work but not LAMRANK and was wondering if I was the only one.

Unable to see video from July 17 recordings

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Hello ,

I was unable to view the lectures from the .mp4 format files , however the sound was clear.



problem 3.8 physical simulation?

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wondering if the attached image (paper model) is a realistic model?

Cure modelling software??

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Is there any composite cure modelling software available for the participants of CDW?


Permeabiliity Algorithms/Sortware

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Hi Steve,
Last week durng Woo Il's presentation you mentioned that you would talk to Prof. Springer about making Woo Il's software available to the class. Is that possible?

Thanks Steve,

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